A wrong movement or a fall often does not remain without consequences: Back or joints ache. Many people seek chiropractic treatment for these complaints. Through special hand movements, so-called adjustments, blockages between vertebrae or other joints are released.

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Chiropractic is an alternative treatment method that is popular for back and joint pain, among other conditions. Back pain is often caused by displaced vertebrae or tense muscles, which can cause the spine to be less mobile. Possible triggers include poor posture or improper movement.

Chiropractic: Who invented it?

The term „chiropractic“ comes from the Greek and means „to do something with the hand.“ Modern chiropractic goes back to the Canadian Daniel David Palmer (1845-1913): He developed the special grip technique to bring displaced vertebrae and joints back into their correct position.

According to the basic idea of chiropracticor welwyn, almost all physical complaints can be traced back to malpositions and blockages of joints. This central idea has not yet been scientifically proven and is therefore not recognized in medicine. Therefore, most therapists have now abandoned this idea. Chiropractic treatment cannot cure a chronic disease such as rheumatism, but it can alleviate the associated mobility restrictions and pain.

A therapy not for all ailments

Through an initial consultation and a physical examination, the therapist determines whether the patient’s complaints can and should be treated at all through chiropractic treatment.

In the anamnesis interview, the therapist asks about the intensity, duration and nature of the pain and by which movements it is triggered. In addition, previous illnesses, operations, the use of medication or the general lifestyle are of interest. Based on this information, the therapist makes an accurate diagnosis and plans the therapy. In some cases, X-ray examinations are needed to rule out organic diseases.

Removing blockages with the hands

Chiropractic is, contrary to what many patients expect, mostly painless. It uses pressure and traction to gently relieve muscle tension, remove blockages between the vertebrae, and reduce stress on the nerves. Some therapists believe that this treatment can activate the body’s self-healing powers and relieve other ailments as well. They assume that a blockage can affect the nervous system and cause, for example, neck pain, headaches, numbness and dizziness.

Well informed about treatment and risks

„Chiropractic is, like many alternative treatment methods , controversial,“ says Petra Rudnick, doctor for general medicine and naturopathy in the TK medical center , and adds, „Due to improper technique of the therapist:in complications can occur, such as sensory disturbances or paralysis. A chiropractic treatment should therefore only be carried out by trained and experienced hands; because the chiropractor tries to solve the blockages in the back or in the joints by special hand movements alone.“

Performed by skilled hands, chiropractic provides an extremely effective, low-risk and gentle method of treatment.

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